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BodyCraft X4 Strength Training System.-New .Call Now for Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

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BodyCraft X4 home gym is ideally suited for multiple users, as it has four weight stacks that can be operated individually. Each station is equipped with 200 lbs stack of iron plates having nylon bushings for relatively quiet and smooth operation. This robust machine enables users to do more than 90 types of exercises, including leg press. The cable columns are adjustable in two stations, which provide ideal height and resistance, at different angles. Even though the machine does not have a bench, one of the stations enables bench presses in machine style.

Features at a Glance

  • OUR MOST VERSATILE GYMA Four-Weight-Stack System which can accommodate up to four simultaneous users! Adding strength training to your routine will increase lean muscle mass, helping you burn calories more effectively and efficiently. Warranted for light commercial use, this gym is perfect for club houses, fire stations, hotels, and corporate gyms.
    • Four 200 lb. weight stacks allow for multiple simultaneous users
    • 180 degree Adjustable Cable Column for Functional Training included
    • Leg Press included
    • Workout posters mounted right on the machine


BodyCraft X4 vs. Bodycraft Family Xpress vs. BodyCraft K2 Home Gym with Flat Bench

The BodyCraft X4 is the only model with four weight stacks compared to BodyCraft K2 and Family Xpress models, which have two weight stacks. In the K2, the leg press is optional, whereas it is included in the X4 and Family Xpress. However, K2 comes with a bench having incline adjustments. The Family Express and X4 models have a better weight range of 5 to 400 pounds, compared to K2, which has weight range of 5 to 300 pounds. The X4 and Family Xpress models might occupy more space, since the K2 model has a unique 90-degree design, facilitating placement of the machine in a corner.

Reviews (1)

1 review for BodyCraft X4 Strength Training System.-New .Call Now for Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

  1. Tara Lavrie

    Received our wonderful gym . This unit has everything and 4 people can use this simulataneously in our office building .
    Gympros gave the advice and didn’t disappoint thank you guys for giving our company a dream machine . The treads ,bikes and dumbbells all match . It’s perfect . Thank you so much !!

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