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TuffStuff CT8 Fitness Trainer-New- Call Now For Lowest Pricing


The CT-8000B Base Trainer has an unlimited capacity for functional training in a compact, space saving design. Sure to be the focal point of your fitness program each rack accommodates distinct training modules for fitness excellence.


  • 18 Years Strong
  • A Remanufacturing Company ( N. a Broker like Most)
  • We supply New ,Used and Premium Select Conditioned Machines
  • Nationwide Shipping and Installation
  • Lifetime service and Support( $1500 Value)
  • 12 Month Interest Free Financing
  • Lowest Price Guaranty- We Beat any Certified Competitors Price)
  • Nationwide Supplier to Govermment, Police and Fire, Health Club, Community Centers,Hotel, Apartment Management, Personal Training Studios and Residential.
  • Certified Dealers For Stairmaster, True Fitness, Tuff Stuff, Schwinn, Nautilus and Body Solid
  • BBB Certified Business


The Tuff Stuff CT8 Fitness Training System is a revolutionary piece of fitness equipment that combines a variety of fun and effective workouts in one affordable, compact package while compromising little floor space.

The Tuff Stuff CT8 is an excellent choice for a commercial center trying to make the most of a small space, a crowded gym wanting to offer clients new workout options with very little available space, or for a multi-functional home gym as well.

With Tuff Stuff’s CT8 Fitness System, you can build your own custom workout stations to meet either your or your clients’ needs—for example, suspension strap training or heavy bags for boxing and kickboxing workouts.

Each Tuff Stuff CT8 Fitness System comes with a Base System that includes all the following features:

  • Adjustable Ring Station
  • 10′ Monkey Bar Station
  • 10′ Parallel Suspension Bars
  • Pegboard/High Medicine Ball Rebounder
  • Tri-Level Fat Grip Chin Bars
  • Adjustable Horizontal Push/Pull Bar Station

Onto that, you add your selections from 5 different training modules (see below) and 4 select add-ons. Being able to personally customize your own fitness stations allows you to satisfy every client need imaginable and make the most of your gym by featuring an endless variety of workout possibilities.

The Base and The Elite System

The CT Fitness System comes in two styles, the Base and Elite systems. With the Base system, you choose 2 modules and the Elite features 3 modules:

  1. Medicine Ball Rebounding Module — With this unique workout, users bounce weighted medicine balls of varying weights off a bouncer (a trampoline like mechanism) and then catch them for a cardio and resistance training workout that really challenges core muscles.
  2. Adjustable Step Up/Stretch Training Module: This ladder and step module allows users to do step exercises with free weights, medicine balls, or other equipment while the climbing ladder helps users stretch, improve flexibility, and relieve sore muscles before or after a weight session.
  3. Battle Ropes Training Module: Battle ropes are a fun and effective way to boost cardiovascular fitness and build major upper body and core muscle. Battle ropes are super-popular at gyms all over the world, and you cannot go wrong including this module.
  4. Kettle Bell Training Module: Another white-hot training choice, kettlebells are the go-to fitness tool right now. Studies show that kettlebell workouts provide an intensive cardio and resistance workout all in one. This module is great for a home or commercial gym, allowing you a place to organize kettlebells of increasing weight safely and beautifully.
  5. Heavy Bag Training Module: Kickboxing and boxing in general are creating quite a stir in the fitness community right now. With Victoria’s Secret models like Gigi Hadid all over the internet talking about her love for kickboxing, kickboxing centers are popping up all over the world, so offering clients a heavy bag is smart and savvy.

After you pick your fitness modules, you can choose from add-ons such as:

  • A Press/Squat Racking Station
  • A Multi-Strap Tarining Boom
  • Olympic Bar Landmine
  • Dip Handles

Tuff Stuff is highly revered in the fitness community for providing superior quality and a long lasting product at a competitive price. Gym owners love Tuff Stuff because their equipment lives up to its name, providing them durable equipment for decades.


Manufacturer TuffStuff Fitness

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