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Precor EFX 576i Experience Commercial Elliptical. Call Now For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

The Precor EFX 576i Experience Elliptical is a high-end trainer that boasts of pretty advanced features. Starting with 15 workout programs, the EFX 576i should be enough to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding of gym goers. There are 20 resistance levels available on this workout machine, thus exercisers can shift from low-intensity to high-intensity workouts in no time at all. This elliptical machine has a stride length of 18 inches, and features dual step-up flywheel as well as rear-leveling feet. Its upper body handlebar should give your arms a good workout.

Features at a Glance:


The EFX 576i can be compared to the  EFX 556 V3 elliptical trainer in a lot of ways. The two elliptical trainers have 20 resistance levels giving their users versatility in choosing the intensity of their work outs.  The 576i and the 556 V3 almost have the same size.  And both have electronic display readouts featuring workout statistics like average speed, calories burned, heart rate, distance covered, and segment time.  But the pricier 576i Experience trumps the 556 in the number of workout programs with 15 while the 556 V3 only has nine. However, the 556 V3 has utility tray, reading rack, and water bottle holder that the 576i does not have.  The 556 V3 has a console that supports multiple languages from English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, and Italian. Still it cannot be denied that the Precor EFX 576i is a very good elliptical trainer with its impressive array of features that should make workouts more intensive but fun for any exerciser.