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Cybex 625A Commercial Arc Trainer. Call Now For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!



The Arc is load dependent which means that resistance is scaled to the user’s weight. Two exercisers, a man who weighs 230 lbs and the other a woman who weighs 120 lbs, both get the same workout when they enter the same program levels and their own weight. The perfect workout … and only Cybex has it.


This is what makes the Arc an Arc. The unique Reverse Arc motion, a patented advanced stride technology, never places the user’s toe behind the knee (when the toe moves behind the knee significantly more stress is applied to the knee joint). The Reverse Arc Motion moves legs in a biomechanically correct pathway – reducing stress at the knee while offering a complete range of motion for both the knee and hip.


The wide range of resistance and incline makes the Arc Trainer unique. From the deconditioned to professional athletes, it is right for everyone! Using this broad incline and resistance range, anyone using this product will notice they have the ability to emphasize specific muscle groups, whether at higher incline levels as a stepping motion to work the quads or lower levels of incline with increased resistance to firm up the butt!


The Arc offers three exercise zones for the ultimate in variety: Low position is for the “Glide”; Medium position called the “Stride” and High position for the “Climb”.


Quick Start, Manual, three Weight Loss, three Cardio, two Strength and Heart Rate Control. Programs have 10 levels and control both incline and resistance

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Precor EFX 885 Commercial Elliptical.Call Now For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

The Precor EFX 885 Elliptical combines the benefits of Cross Ramp technology and upper body moving handlebars for a total-body workout. Precor EFX 885 Elliptical’s CrossRamp technology, unique to Precor, offers ramp inclines from 13 to 40 degrees, which allows users to target different muscle groups. The Precor EFX 885 Elliptical perfectly matches the natural […]

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Precor Commercial AMT 885 W/p80 Console . Call Now For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

The innovative and premium design of the Adaptive Motion Trainer® (AMT®) 885 takes fitness to a whole new level with the addition of the Open Stride™ feature. This single piece of equipment fully engages exercisers of all fitness levels with an infinite range of stride paths to create a uniquely effective low-impact workout, making every […]

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Precor EFX 576i Experience Commercial Elliptical. Call Now For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

The Precor EFX 576i Experience Elliptical is a high-end trainer that boasts of pretty advanced features. Starting with 15 workout programs, the EFX 576i should be enough to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding of gym goers. There are 20 resistance levels available on this workout machine, thus exercisers can shift from low-intensity […]

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Precor EFX 835 Commercial Elliptical Crosstrainer w/ P30 Console.Call Now For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

Commercial grade remanufactured Precor EFX 835 Elliptical Crosstrainer w/ P30 Console.

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Life Fitness CLSX Integrity Series Commercial cross Trainer . Call Now For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

Commercial grade remanufactured Life Fitness Integrity Series Elliptical CLSX. Features at a Glance: Dimensions: 83″ X 28″ X 61″ Life Fitness Integrity Series Elliptical CLSX Weight: 235lbs Drive System: Rear Drive, Belt/Alternator System Stride Length: 20″ User Capacity: 350 lbs Resistance Levels: 20 Pedal Speed Range: 25 – 100 RPM Heart Rate: Lifepulse Digital Contact […]

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Precor AMT 100I Commercial Elliptical. Call Now For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

The Precor AMT 100I is a versatile and functional elliptical trainer that features adjustable stride length of up to 27 inches. It is very intelligent, with a Stride Dial function that provides on-the-spot feedback on how the targeted muscles respond to the various movement patterns of the elliptical trainer.  It is also integrated with a […]

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