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Indoor Cycling

Update: This article was originally written incorrectly using the word “spin,” “spinning,” and “spin bike” to refer to “indoor cycling” and “indoor cycling bike.” Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. contacted us to tell us that we were were misusing their trademarked words. They own the trademark on the use of the words “Spin®,” “Spinning®,” and “Spinner®” in relation to indoor cycling and there are very specific guidelines to what “Spinning®” actually is. It’s apparently not just a generic term to refer to riding an indoor cycling bike. We have updated this article to reflect this error.

Indoor Cycling Delivers a Great Low Impact Workout in Limited Space

Cycling is an excellent method for burning calories and trimming excess weight without the impact and constant pounding of workouts like running and jumping rope. Unfortunately those who choose to bike outside are at the mercy of the elements and their surroundings. High winds and drenching rain are a surefire way to ruin what could have been a great workout and something like a flat tire or broken chain can create a whole new level of bad workout.

An indoor cycling bike offers a great alternative to traditional biking for those who live in bad climates or who just don’t want to miss a workout due to bad weather. A quality indoor cycling bike will fit in just about any room in your home or apartment and deliver a powerful cardiovascular workout without any unnecessary pounding on your aching joints. Indoor cycling also offers scalability and simplicity – you can work as hard as you want on your indoor cycling bike and virtually anyone can do it (even those who never learned how to ride a bike).

Manufacturers and Price Ranges

You can buy indoor cycling bikes with a multitude of different features and in a wide range of price ranges. There are top quality options for as little as $700.00 and pricier alternatives that come in around the $1,500.00 range so it is relatively easy to find one that will fit into your budget.

The Star Trac Elite Indoor Cycling Bike and Schwinn Evolution are both great options for fitness enthusiasts who want a great workout without spending top dollar. These bikes are both gym quality – both deliver smooth and consistent rides and both will hold up to everyday use and abuse and continue to deliver an outstanding fat burning workout.

Those who don’t mind spending a little more and who really want their workout to mimic the feel of the highest quality road bike wave plenty of options to choose from. Lemonds and Bodycraft both offer a similarly priced option that is built for a comfortable, but wickedly intense training experience. The Lemonds Indoor Cycling Bike and Bodycraft SPX are both easily adjustable to fit any rider and offer resistance to accommodate everyone from the complete novice to the seasoned cyclist.

Schwinn and Star Trac both also offer a higher end bike for those who are truly looking for the best of the best when it comes to their cardio workout. The NXT by Star Trac and the Schwinn AC Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike are both crafted from lightweight and super durable materials and crafted to stand the test of time. These indoor cycling bikes feature seats and handle bars with multiple position adjustments so you are ensured the most comfortable ride possible. The NXT and AC also both offer more than enough resistance for riders of virtually any fitness level – these bikes will continue to provide a challenging workout even as your fitness levels improve.

Bodycraft is a very well known and respected name when it comes to gym quality fitness equipment and Schwinn, Lemonds and Star Trac are almost household names when it comes to bikes and cycling. If you are in the market for an intense, indoor, fat burning workout with low impact you should strongly consider buying a indoor cycling bike from one of these quality manufacturers.

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