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Commercial Gym Equipment

Commercial Gym Equipment

Gym Pros has been in the fitness industry offering commercial gym equipment packages for over 2 decades. We have outfit several top of the line commercial facilities with our new and used gym equipment. There are several different levels to choose from depending on your facilities custom needs featuring the best brands in strength and cardio.

Commercial Fitness Equipment Service Levels

Call us today to make an inquiry on our inventory. We are getting new deals every week and have a more fluid inventory than what we show on our website. Our commercial gym equipment is available in a few different tiers:

  • Used Gym Equipment : This equipment has been used in a facility. Many times we are getting the equipment from a center where it has gotten limited use. Even if that is the case, any equipment that is shipped from our facility goes through a 38 point inspection first. From the motor of a treadmill to the grips and console, we ensure your equipment is serviced and delivered at the highest of standards. Used Gym Equipment packages are fluid in our inventory so call to see what is currently available.
  • Refurbished Gym Equipment : Similar to what you read above, refurbished commercial gym equipment has undergone a detailed process so that you are getting a like-new unit. When a used unit has been purchased, our team will go through the 38 point inspection to assess all parts of the unit, ensuring that they have a rating of 8 or above.
  • Brand New Gym Equipment : This really does not require much of an explanation. New is a very safe way to go and sometimes the only way you can do it. We have the ability to get almost any units completely brand new as well as offering Brands outside of the big names that deliver an amazing value.

Popular Commercial Gym Equipment

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    Precor EFX 835 Commercial Elliptical Crosstrainer w/ P30 Console. Call 888-502-2348 For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

    Sale Price: $3195.00 free part and labor warranty


  • Sale! lifefitness Discover SI Treadmill-2

    Life Fitness Elevation Discover SI Remanufactured Commercial Treadmill. Call 888-502-2348 For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

    Sale Price: $2695.00 free part and labor warranty


  • Sale!

    Cybex 750AT Commercial Remanufactured Arc Trainer .Call Now For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

    Sale Price: $2789.00 free part and labor warranty


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    Stairmaster 7000pt Commercial Stepmill (Blue screen). Call Now For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

    Sale Price: $2995.00 free part and labor warranty


  • Sale!

    Precor AMT 100I Commercial Elliptical. Call Now For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

    Sale Price: $1595.00 free part and labor warranty


  • Matrix T7XE Commercial Remanufactured Treadmill. Call Now For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

    Sale Price: $2995.00 free part and labor warranty


  • Stairmaster Series 8 Gauntlet (refurbished)

    Stairmaster Series 8 Gauntlet (Refurbished)-Please Call For Availability

    $4,895.00 free part and labor warranty


  • Sale!

    Life Fitness 95Ti Commercial Treadmill. Call 888-502-2348 For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

    Sale Price: $2895.00 free part and labor warranty


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    Life Fitness Integrity Series CLSC Remanufactured Commercial Upright Bike. Call Now For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

    Sale Price: $1295.00 free part and labor warranty


Commercial Gym Equipment Considerations

When looking at commercial gym equipment for your facility, there are several points to consider. The fitness industry is continually releasing new cardio and strength products, but not every piece will be suited to your business needs. Treadmill, ellipticals, and exercise bikes may be fitness center staples, but if you’re launching a boutique concept then you might want something a little different. Commercial Strength power racks, a leg press and smith machines are fundamental to most strength training facilities, but if you’re keen to differentiate with functional workouts then a rig with accessories will be more suitable. We pride ourselves on our extensive experience and expertise, so are always happy to discuss options like weight benches, fitness accessories, plate storage with our clients to round out the complete gym package.

The first thing that most people consider is their budget. This will have the biggest influence on what types of equipment are available to you and how many pieces you can purchase. At Gym Pros, we don’t think the budget should be a constraint when choosing fitness equipment, so we work hard to stock a variety of products at a wide range of price points (as well as easy financing). We supply used and refurbished gym equipment, as well as brand new models too. This means we have products that are suitable for a diverse range of equipment budgets, large or small.

If you operate health clubs or fitness centers, then your members should also be a key consideration. Their exercise needs and demographics will have a huge impact on the types of training equipment you install. We know from previous IHRSA reports that equipment usage varies by age group and gender. People aged 18-25 tend to prefer free weights, whereas older adults aged 65+ enjoy recumbent exercise bikes. Interestingly, the commercial treadmill is universally popular across all ages and genders. By aligning your commercial gym equipment choices with your members’ needs, you’ll ensure everything is well-used and your customers are happy. This, in turn, maximizes the return on your investment, so you get the best possible business benefit for every single dollar.

Another consideration is the space you have available in your fitness center. Floor space and ceiling height can both have a big impact on the suitability of commercial gym equipment. Some treadmills (such as Life Fitness and the newer Precor models) have a lower step-up height, making them a better option for facilities with low ceilings. You could use one of the Cybex Arc trainers if you are looking for a boxier (less horizontal) unit to save length.  You’ll also want to check the height of functional training rigs like jungle gyms to ensure they not only fit but have additional space above them. Functional trainers (modernized cable crossovers) are great for the commercial indoor minimalist facility.  Installation of these products can be hampered if there’s not enough space to maneuver, or ceiling fittings like lights or air conditioning units block the space. If you’re more limited by floor space than ceiling height, then a versatile training machine like the Adaptive Motion Trainer may be more suitable. It allows your members to run, climb, and perform elliptical movements, combining the benefits of three machines into one.  You can also leverage other exercise equipment like an upright bike, plate loaded hammer strength equipment to target the upper body and lower body as well as recumbent bikes or a rowing machine for a less expensive cardio blast.  

By considering your budget, members, and space, you’ll have a much clearer idea of the types of commercial fitness equipment that are suitable. Once you’ve narrowed down your focus to specific equipment categories, you can start to look at individual models in detail.

What to Look for in Commercial Fitness Equipment

Once you’ve identified the equipment you need, how do you know if it’s a good purchase? When you’re buying used or refurbished commercial gym equipment, how can you be sure it’ll last? These are questions that many gym operators come up against, so here are some tips to get you started rounding out your complete gym.  

#1 – Service History

If you’re looking at used equipment, then ask to see the service history. A machine that’s been well taken care of will have been serviced annually to keep it in good working order. Annual servicing extends the life cycle of strength, cardio, and indoor cycling equipment, so it’s better to buy used products with this background.

#2 – Mileage

In cardio equipment specifically, the ‘mileage’ or similar record of usage can be found under the hood. A service engineer will be able to remove the cover or run diagnostics that show this number, giving you an accurate reading of how well-used a unit is. Like with buying used cars, the lower the mileage, the less wear and tear it’ll have experienced.

#3 – Brand

As a general rule, commercial gym equipment manufactured by premium brands tends to last for longer. The servicing and maintenance are also much easier since fewer things go wrong during its lifespan. This is because brands like Life Fitness, Star Trac, Precor, Matrix Fitness and Technogym use higher quality parts, materials, and manufacturing processes. They also have more equipment experience than newer manufacturers, so have ironed out any kinks in the products a long time ago.

#4 – Warranty terms

Whatever type of commercial fitness equipment you go for, it’s important to select an appropriate warranty. It gives you added peace of mind and will cover some or all of the costs should something go wrong with a machine. On strength equipment, it’s common for a warranty to cover the frame but not upholstery. For cardio equipment, the warranty may apply to the entire unit or specific parts only. One thing to note is that equipment designed for use in home gyms will not be suitable for a commercial setting. Using it in this way can invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty and leave you out of pocket over the long run. When choosing equipment, consider whether the warranty covers your needs and ask for other options if it doesn’t.

#5 – Customer service

Choosing commercial gym equipment involves more than the fitness products themselves. You should also look for a supplier who provides high levels of customer service and support. At Gym Pros we work hard to exceed the expectations of our clients and deliver a complete package of equipment and services. Our customer service team are available via phone, email, and online chat, so you can always speak to a real person about your query.  Reach us directly at 888-502-2348 today!

To learn more about our commercial gym equipment ranges, browse the menu categories above or get in touch. Our experienced team can advise you on the best options based on your budget, membership demographics, and available space. With over 80 years of fitness experience between them, they’re knowledgeable about selecting commercial fitness equipment that addresses practical business needs. Get in touch here.

Customer Reviews

Tim Sivers


As the manager of 4 IN SHAPE fitness centers in the greater Orlando area, I’ve had a lot of options and worked with a lot of vendors to get my centers set up and up to date. I came across Gym Pros about 7 years ago and have been using them to set up my centers. I’ll occasionally call Roy just to check in on what new units he has available as our membership grows.

Tim Sivers

Terry McCann-Elite Training

Five Stars is Not Enough Stars!

I purchased 4 units from Gym Pros – All great high-end commercial equipment from Precor & Life Fitness. Setting up my studio was not the strain that I hear other trainers complaining about. My setup is in Houston, TX and the equipment gets used about 5-6 hours a day on average. The equipment took about 3 weeks to arrive and I just used the standard LTL freight to get it here the fastest.

Terry McCann

Craig Beaty

The Best Gym Packages

We are one of the larger fitness franchises here in SoCal and did a large expansion in 2017 to include a spinning studio. I actually came across Gym Pros when I purchased a Precor Elliptical a few years back and the service and quality certainly stuck out in my mind. Luckily they are still doing what they do best and I got what I consider a smoking deal on my set of 20 bikes. We get nice comments from our clientele mentioning how they like our setup better than Soul Cycle which is a huge compliment AND we got such a great bulk discount we became much more profitable a lot faster. Huge Thank you guys!

Craig Beaty

Ronnie Evans

A+ Service

I ordered 5 stepmills and 6 life fitness bikes from these guys out of necessity as our previous vendor was out of stock (and kept pushing us off). These guys delivered our equipment with a stellar turnaround. Great work on the refurbishing, all the electronics have still not needed service (4 months later) and if we need service they are responsive and helpful.

Ronnie Evans

Stan Bennet

Commercial Fitness Equipment Kings

I own 2 gyms and I trust these guys with all of my commercial gym equipment. This actually all started with a set of 5-50 dumbbells, a treadmill and a bike for my own personal training business 3 years ago. I’ve tried about 6 vendors total for various parts of the business (flooring, circuits, cardio, etc) and these guys stand out. They put together some great custom gym packages and I don’t have to spend all my time negotiating on the price. Thanks to Doug and Brie for always being responsive to my calls and emails, it makes a huge difference.

Stan Bennet

Tom Lombardi

Life Long Client

When it comes to the big 5 commercial gym brands I don’t trust anyone else to get the job done right. Big thanks to you guys for doing what’s best for the customer always. After 7 orders (100 units) over the last 2 years, I can definitely be a reference and happy to talk to any other gym owner looking to get your high-end commercial gym equipment.

Tom Lombardi

Terrific Experience-WOW!!!

We found Gym Pros over the web site and had an absolute quality experience with these Professionals.

We are a gym out here in Ohio and after selecting a full Life fitness Gym Circuit and Cardio and Free weight Package ,we decided to go Re manufactured, realizing we are saving thousands then going brand new  so we took our chances.

We were invited to their operation , after seeing their huge 100,000 sq ft warehouse and their quaity finish , stuff looks like new,, we knew we had come to the right place.

They even compensated us our air tickets and hotel accommodation off the sale and collected us from the airport!!!!.


These guys Rock and we are so gratefully for the experience.


Thanks To Roy , and his crew of Gym Pros, truly a credit to his profession !!


Best Regards

Steve K.

Fit 4 U

Amada Inc Awards Gym Pros for Their Corporate Gym Resource!

Amado America Inc Called on Gym Pros to establish an Idea for a plan of converting a 4000 sq ft space we had in our  offices into a decent quality gym for our employees.


Roy knocked it out the park.He designed and spaced out what he envisioned and gave us a state of the art gym that has us beaming with pride.

Thank you all so much , we are ecstatic to be having such a gym and cant wait to cancel our outside gym memberships.


Thank you Roy


Best Regards -Eric



Amado Corporate Gym
La Mirada, CA

Gym Pros gets Amtrak Moving with their New Gym Equipment Room!

Awesome Service !!

Amtrak received its great work out room thanks to the folks at Gym Pros in California.

Prices were great and delivery and Installation went very smooth.

Thanks to Gym Pros for making this a success.Keep it up guys !

Yours Sincerely,


Sergio -Amtrak

Gym Pros Welcomes Holiday Inn Guest by supplying a New Gym Room

Thank you Gym Pros for assisting us with the urgent process of getting our gym room together for our guest.


We sincerely appreciate you Doug for helping us out so efficiently.

Thank you


Elizabeth Raleigh.

Holiday inn
Carlsbad, CA

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