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The Certified Remanufacturing Process at Gym Pros

Gym Pros Remanufacturing Process


If you are looking at sourcing commercial fitness equipment there are several options.  You can purchase brand new and pay high retail prices, or purchase a like new, certified remanufactured unit.  There tends to be a lot of dismay with several companies claiming that their units are remanufactured when they are simply “serviced” with a very low level touch up prior to shipping out the door.


Gym Pros has accredited certifications from the big brands like Life Fitness, Stairmaster and Precor and provides a thorough detail to your bring new life to a used piece.


TREADMILL Remanufacturing Process:

  • New heart rate grips
  • Clean and detailed all plastic shrouds and caps with acrylic finish, replace if cracked or damaged
  • New belt
  • New decals throughout machine
  • Install new deck with new shock absorption system
  • Update software in the console
  • New overlay/keypad and new iPod connector kit
  • Sand and repaint frame with 2 stage base and high gloss clear
  • New drive belt, new high speed rubber-sealed bearing installed in motor


Ellipticals Remanufacturing Process:

  • Replace front arm grips
  • Install new wave washers, hardware and snap rings
  • Clean and polish all covers
  • New decals throughout machine
  • Grease, oil and lubricate all necessary components
  • New ramp inserts and sleeves
  • Install primary and secondary drive belts
  • Sand entire frame, arms and repaint with a two stage base and high gloss clear coat
  • Diagnostics test on all electronics


Stationary Bikes Remanufacturing Process:

  • Diagnostics test on all electronics
  • Replace keypad and overlay
  • Replace any cracked or damaged plastics or repaint in acrylic satin finish
  • Install new crank arm assembly and bearings
  • Install new pedals with straps
  • New primary and secondary drive belt
  • Install new 6V rechargeable battery
  • Clean and lubricate all foot levelers
  • Clean and polish all covers
  • Install new wave washers, hardware and snap rings
  • Sand entire frame, arms and repaint with a two stage base and high gloss clear coat
  • Replace any worn or damaged components (e.g. seat, arm rests)


Stair Steppers Remanufacturing Process:

  • Sand frame down & repaint in textured black factory finish
  • Rebuild clutch assembly
  • Install new step chains on both sides
  • Install new battery
  • Install new transmission chain
  • New pedal arm bushings
  • Install new pedal hardware, washers and snap rings
  • Diagnostics test on all electronics


Strength Equipment Remanufacturing Process:

  • New decals throughout the machine
  • Shrouds are replaced if damaged
  • Weight stack is repainted and stickers are replaced
  • Frame is sanded down and repainted/powdercoated
  • Upholstery is replaced with choice of any of our custom colors
  • All hardware, bushings, bearings and grips are tested and replaced



  • Machine is initially disassembled to the frame and then built from the ground up
  • All necessary parts are greased and lubricated
  • Unit is tested for optimum performance