Cybex Arc Trainer




The Arc Trainer is Cybex’s answer to high impact exercise that may be effective but costly on the body. The Cybex Arc Trainer is scientifically tested to be more gentle on your joints, up to 16% more effective at burning calories than other ellipticals and is known to be one of the strongest and most durable units you can purchase. Cybex Arc Trainers offer a the most biomechanically effective patch of motion with less stress on the knees and more engagement on the hamstrings and glutes.


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What is a Cybex Arc Trainer?

The Cybex Arc Trainer is essentially the answer from Cybex to the Precor Elliptical. The purpose of the machine is to provide a completely zero impact exercise while burning loads of calories and stimulating compound muscle groups including the central core.


What does the Arc Trainer do for your body?

The upper body motion offers resistance to your arms and can engage your core including abdominals and lower back area. Hand positioning can also help engage the front and rear deltoids as well as the trapezius muscle.


What kind of machine is the Arc Trainer?

The Arc Trainer is a stationary exercise machine with zero impact and is a registered trademark of Cybex International, Inc. This machine was introduced in 2003 and has a patented movement to drive highly intense yet fluid movement in a compound aerobic workout.


What are the benefits of using the Arc Trainer?

This machine is essentially 3-in-1. You can train for endurance, cardio, strength or weight loss (or all of the above). There is a vast selection of incline and resistance ranges incorporating a stepper, elliptical and bike movement without impact on your joints at all.


How many calories do you burn on the Arc Trainer?

A case study of 16 healthy men and women on each machine found that research subjects burned 10.8 calories per minute when compared to the Adaptive Motion Trainer (from Precor) which burned 9.9 calories vs 9.3 calories per minute on a more standard elliptical. The Cybex Arc Trainer outperformed all of the other machines on a calorie per time basis for any zero impact exercise.

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