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Spin Bikes for Sale or Indoor Cycles? The Big Controversy

The popularity of indoor cycling has been on the rise since the first time it was introduced and coined as Spinning™ by Madd Dog Athletics. From thereon, indoor cycling became known as Spinning, which was later used and adapted by a lot of companies that also sell spin bikes (making the term “spin bikes for sale” out of bounds for most advertisers). However, this was later followed by a controversial lawsuit from Madd Dog Athletics.

Spinning, or indoor cycling, is a widely accepted form of exercise which lets every one train and work out in the comforts of their homes. It became so popular that people also wanted to purchase indoor bicycles for themselves, which resulted in the rise of spin bikes for sale.

History of Indoor Cycling

It was during the late 1980’s when people became more concerned about their health and decided to work out more to enhance their body built and improve their lifestyle. The demand for quality fitness equipment has risen, and people began looking for a new way of training with comfort.

During the late 80’s, indoor training with a fitness equipment wasn’t that much of a trend. If you wanted to have a proper workout, you needed to go to a gym. It was due to this reason that Johnny Goldberg, also known as Johnny G, decided to build something that will allow people to train and exercise at home without having to shell out for a gym membership.

He built the very first indoor cycling bike with his bare hands and started training indoors. He was satisfied with the results. Friends and colleagues were also impressed by the idea of doing indoor training, away from the harsh, rough weather and dangers of outdoor training.

It was then that Johnny G decided to build more indoor cycling units, all by hand, so that his friends can try out his invention as well. He turned his garage into an indoor studio filled with cycling units. Literally, the first man who sold but did not advertise spin bikes for sale.

In 1990, word spread about Johnny G’s indoor innovative cycling studio. People were interested, and a lot of them wanted to try out indoor cycling for themselves, so the demand for his classes rose. With the demand, Johnny G spotted a profitable opportunity, so he decided to open his first indoor cycling studio in Santa Monica. He also teamed up with his friend and fellow entrepreneur, John Baudhuin, and together they founded Madd Dog Athletics Inc. (MDA)

With the continuous success of the indoor cycling business, they opened another studio in Culver City. Johnny G procured a trademark for this type of indoor activity, something that was catchy and people around the world would associate with indoor cycling. He coined the word “Spinning,” and he was right when people everywhere started using this word for cycling.

After 10 years, Johnny G finally perfected his method and launched the concept of the Spinning bikes at IHRSA. This piqued the interest of the company Star Trac, and they later purchased the production rights for the Johnny G Spinner.

In 2002, the partnership between Star Trac and MDA launched two new Spinner bikes: the Spinner Pro and the Spinner Elite, and later, the NXT.

The Lawsuits and Controversies

Spinning became synonymous to indoor cycling that other companies mistakenly used this to promote their spinning bikes for sale, which resulted in a lot of lawsuits from MDA. People even thought that spinning was the right word for indoor cycling without knowing that it is actually a registered trademark.

Eventually, they started using anything that is associated with the word Spin, Spin Bike, Spinning, Spin yoga, or other Spin-related fitness words to promote a business or other interests without the consent of the owner, which is subject to extreme controversy and lawsuit. This is what happened to the product listings of Spin Bikes for sale on E-Bay where all the bikes associated with spinning were posted online without the consent of the owner and were removed.

It was also a controversial story when Madd Dog Athletics filed a lawsuit against other big companies such as Amazon and Walmart. Apparently, these companies used their brand without their permission.

MDA is among the companies that enforce a strict ruling when it comes to using their brands without authority. They are very aggressive in enforcing the law and protecting their rights. They make sure to go after every infringer, to the point that even a gym in Denmark suffered the same terrible fate and was litigated. The online news site Racked even got a cease and desist order when they used the word “Spin” for their fitness-related reviews and other content.

The CEO of MDA, John Baudhuin, stated that they have to be very protective of their brand because it is their responsibility to let everybody knows what their brand stands for. People should adhere to the law or suffer the consequences.

He also said that they are spending millions of dollars just to protect the brand because it is something that they should do. The question now lies on what would be the ideal term to replace the word “spin” as it seems that a lot of people are still confused upon finding out that this word is registered.

Madd Dog explained that they could use the original word from which the word spin is originally derived from, indoor cycling. Another question is, how can you get the authority to use the word Spin? Like why can’t we advertise spin bikes for sale ourselves?

Madd Dog Athletics is a company that creates, distributes, and develops different fitness programs and products, so those who will train under them will have a legal right to use the word Spin, or any other fitness-related Spin items. MDA also grants a license to facilities so long as these facilities will undergo training from certified instructors.

The Best Spin Bikes For Sale!… Errr.. Indoor Cycles!

Johnny G may have gotten his dream of making the word Spin synonymous to indoor cycling, but being so popular has resulted in a lot of lawsuits that cost the company millions of dollars just by protecting their branding. Who would have known that a simple Spin Bikes for Sale can cause a ruckus and may cost you a lot of money if you’re not careful? Just to be safe wherever you are in the word, and always use the safest term for spinning, which is indoor cycling.


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