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There are numerous Arc trainer benefits that will appeal to both gym operators and exercisers alike. When it launched back in 2003, the unique movement quickly proved popular and even resulted in its appearance on tv weight loss show, The Biggest Loser. Over the past 15 years, it’s been refined and redeveloped to build on its strengths and make it even more effective. Here are our top 10 Arc Trainer Benefits for gym owners and exercisers.

#1 – Low Impact

One of the key benefits of the Cybex Arc Trainer is the fact that it’s low impact. Unlike a treadmill, the movement doesn’t cause a forceful impact on the joints. This makes it ideal for people who are overweight or those with injuries. The movement of the Arc Trainer is similar to an elliptical motion, so whilst it still challenges the body, there’s minimal stress on the knee, ankle, hip, and vertebrae.

#2 – Fantastic for Weight Loss

Of all the Arc Trainer benefits we’ll go into, this is probably the one that makes it SO popular. It burns more calories than a standard elliptical machine (16% more to be precise), yet it doesn’t feel more difficult. This means you can exercise for just as long yet see greater weight loss results! There are also two dedicated weight loss programs that come built-in.

#3 – Highly Adaptable

The Arc Trainer is also a highly adaptable piece of fitness equipment. The resistance is ‘load dependent’ which means it adapts in line with the user’s weight. Everyone is different, which is why this machine is designed to self-adjust when an exerciser enters their metrics. It also allows for different types of movement and workout levels, based on the personalized needs of the user.

#4 – Effective Cardio Workout

Cardiovascular workouts are a key component of overall fitness. The CDC recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week. As a highly effective cardio machine, the Arc Trainer will test your aerobic capacity and increase your heart rate. This ensures you get the maximal health benefits from your cardio workout, whilst keeping it enjoyable too.

#5 – Improved Cognitive Capacity

One of the less well-known Arc Trainer benefits is that it can improve your cognitive capacity. Aerobic exercise has been shown to stimulate the brain, increasing blood flow and the associated oxygen supply. This results in greater neural activity, which aids problem-solving, long and short-term memory, and has even been linked to a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s.

#6 – Precision Muscle Activation

Cardio machines aren’t usually associated with strength training, but the Arc Trainer is a little different…  It’s wide range of incline and resistance levels mean that a variety of muscles can be targeted. The Muscle Map™ display even shows you exactly which muscles are being recruited and how these can change based on your stride, incline, and resistance (so you can target them even more precisely).

#7 – Total Body Cross Training

Unlike other machines that target just the upper or lower body, the Arc Trainer works everything. It’s sliding foot pedals and moving arms mean your whole body is involved in the Arc movement. This delivers a more efficient workout since you’re fatiguing more muscles in less time (compared with other machines). Total body cross training is ideal if you’re short on time but still want to see results fast.

#8 – Biomechanically Correct Movements

Cybex are renowned for the biomechanically correct movements of their equipment. They invest a lot in research and development to ensure the machines they produce are ideally suited to the human body’s natural movements. The patented Arc motion aligns the foot, knee and hip, to deliver a biomechanically superior motion and reduce stress on key joints.

#9 – Greater Endurance

The low impact nature of the Arc Trainer is especially helpful for improved aerobic endurance. On other machines your legs may give out before your aerobic capacity does, meaning you don’t get a chance to really push it to fatigue. Since the Arc Trainer is low impact, your legs can go on for longer which allows you to test your aerobic capacity and endurance to a greater extent.

#10 – Pure Enjoyment

Working out isn’t just about the physical effects – it should be fun too! One of the best Arc Trainer benefits is that it’s truly enjoyable to use. The varied movement options and workout programs mean no two workouts are ever the same, so there’s zero chance of boredom. So next time you see one in the gym, try it for yourself.

Other Arc Trainer Benefits

To learn more about other Cybex Arc Trainer benefits then get in touch with our knowledgeable team. They’ve got over 80 years of fitness experience between them and can advise you on the best cardio equipment for your needs. Call us at 888-502-2348.

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