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When it comes to fitness, there are a variety of tools, supplements and workout routines that can help us attain a better physique. We can always choose the right type of tool that will help us achieve stronger arms or firmer glutes.  Hammer Strength Machines entered back in the late 90’s and have helped solve the age old debate of what was best:  Free Weights or Machines to help sculpt the perfect body while combining the best of both worlds.

Hammer Strength Machines in Action

Free Weights VS Machines

Selecting the right tool is an essential part of working out. There are unlimited options that we can choose from, but the endless argument that we often hear is, which type of exercise tool is more beneficial and has better results: machines or free weights? Some people would prefer free weights due to several factors, such as:

  1. Free weights are known to be cheaper than machines. You can even improvise using everyday objects such as cans of beans, bags of rice, or a bag of pet food to substitute for dumb bells and barbells.
  2. You can do it almost anywhere. You can either do lunges at the park, inside your bedroom, or in your kitchen where you can use a gallon of milk as your dumb bells. All you need to do is come up with a good free weight routine, and you’re good to go.
  3. Better workout. Majority of people think that free weights give them better workouts as it taxes their muscles and gives them growth more than what a regular machine can do.

Looking at the several factors why people most often prefer free weights, it seems that there is already a clear winner, so why even bother comparing the two? This is because machines also have some good features that make it a perfect counterpart for free weights. These are:

  1. Low risk for injury. It is much safer compared to free weights, and that’s why machines are often used for physical rehabilitation.
  2. Perfect for beginners. If you’re a beginner, then using a machine is highly recommended for you so you can practice lifting. You should know the best gym equipment to use before starting a routine so you don’t hurt yourself by accident.
  3. Multiple selections of a combined routines. You can mix and match several routine workouts in a machine, which is a bit harder when you are using free weights.

Hammer Strength Machine Benefits

Now that the two have been justly compared, it is now much harder to choose which one is better for you. But imagine having all the features of these two combined, thus the birth of the Hammer Strength Machines.

The Hammer Strength Machine is the perfect alternative because it lets you enjoy all the unique features of both free weights and exercise machines. It is considered as one of the best equipment lines when it comes to working out. Here are the five benefits Of Hammer Strength Machines:

  1. The Iso-Lateral Technology

Iso-Lateral Technology is patented to be used exclusively for Hammer Strength machines. The machine copies the natural movement of our body while strengthening it through the combination of one-sided movements and the meeting and swerving arcs to build up our physical strength. It also helps in strengthening both sides of the body. If you train using Hammer Strength machines, your whole body will have equal and balance strength.

  1. The Biomechanics of the Hammer Strength machines is well-researched.

The technology behind the biomechanics of the Hammer Strength Machine lines is based on the actual motion arcs of the human body. Gary Jones, the creator of the Hammer Strength line of machines, consulted different chiropractors, sports doctors, and pro-athletes to come up with the idea of how he can build the perfect workout buddy. But the most important benefit of the biomechanics technology is the reduction of risk injuries and improvement of everyday training effectivity.

  1. Hammer Strength Equipment is a combination of free weights and different workout machines.

Some of the unique qualities and features of free weights and machines are present in the Hammer Strength Machine. It utilizes the same features, and the machine is designed to give you all the benefits with a single device. You can choose from multiple selections of effective training combination routines or do a simple workout routine for effective total body training.

  1. You can use these machines without a spotter.

If you are going to use a machine at the gym, it is recommended that you have a spotter, especially if you’re going to work on your chest and shoulder area. With the Hammer Strength, you don’t need to rely on a spotter so you can work out even if you’re on your own.

  1. Durability and comfort.

If there’s one thing that you should always look for in a machine, it should always be durability and comfort. You can’t train or exercise properly if you are not comfortable with the equipment that you are using. The well-made Hammer Strength machine line boasts of the durability of the equipment, and it also offers the best structural integrity with a primary focus on each user’s safety and comfort.

It is never too late to start your training routine. You can either use free weights or exercise at the local gym with the help of equipment, but it’s better if you have the option to combine both features and try the Hammer Strength machines. There are  many different types of Hammer Strength Machines perfect for your every need.

Hammer Strength ISO P/L Lateral Bench Press Machine

(Image:  Hammer Strength ISO P/L Lateral Bench Press)

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