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CYBEX 625R Recumbent Bike-Premium Certified Remanufactured

$3,895.00 $2,295.00

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Offering distinctive power levels, the 625R Recumbent Bike provides a customized workout experience for users of all fitness levels. A single-stage drive and self-tensioning drive ensure this bike offers an array of resistance levels while maintaining a smooth operation.

A breadth of resistance range options, centralized controls, and easy usability features make this bike a clear choice.

Contemporary Design and Clear Controls-With its superior contemporary design, the 625R bike ensures users never have to fumble over finding the desired mode of operation.
Range of Resistance Choices-From the lowest setting to the highest setting, the 625R bike offers the ideal training option for everyone. Whether your users are just getting started with a workout regimen or they are experienced athletes, this self-tensioning belt on this bike ensures a completely individualized workout routine. Resistance levels range from a modest 20 Watts to a challenging 900 Watts.
Extra-Wide Pedals-Feet come in all sizes, so the 625R features an extra-wide double-sided pedal design to accommodate them all. Adjustable pull-strap buckle closures offer complete comfort.
Multi-position Handlebars-It’s longer a challenge to find a comfortable hand position on the 625R.
Dynamic Seat Engineering-Cyclists worked together to design a proprietary seat design, ensuring users are able to stay cool and comfortable during even long rides. Featuring a seat back with holes for superior ventilation, this bike is in it for the long haul.
Easily Rolling Front Wheels-Take this bike wherever you need it the most. Front wheels make it easy to maneuver.
Single-Stage Drive-Exceptionally low drive and high torque capabilities are made possible through a self-tensioning single-stage drive and self-generating brake. The result is smooth operation and a broad array of resistance levels.


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