There isn’t much doubt that a quality elliptical trainer can deliver an outstanding workout. The issue often lies in the user actually finding a top quality elliptical that fits in the space that they have available and in their budget.

When considering an elliptical trainer you need to look beyond just the price. You also need to examine the available features and the footprint of the machine to make sure that what you buy completely fits the mold of what you are looking for. You also want to invest in a product from a reputable manufacturer to ensure that you are getting a piece of equipment that is built to perform and built to last.

Precor is one of the most well known brands of elliptical trainer available today and the EFX 576i has been one of their most popular efforts.

This machine from Precor also has all trainees, regardless of fitness level, covered for a great workout. You can choose from more than a dozen different and challenging pre-programmed workout routines and choose from twenty different levels of resistance. If this was the only piece of fitness equipment you used for cardio you would never have to worry about getting bored with your workouts and you would never outgrow it.

This elliptical has some excellent features when it comes to monitoring as well. You get access to a very easy to use and accurate heart rate monitor in the handle to make sure you are staying within target ranges and the monitor is easy to see and easy to navigate. With a simple touch you get access to pertinent workout details like time elapsed, speed, calories burned and more so you can make every workout as productive as possible.

The only two potential knocks against this top of the line elliptical could be its stride length and price.

The EFX 576i features an 18 inch stride length, while this is more than enough to be comfortable for most users, those who are well over average height might be better off with a machine that has a larger (20 inch or more) stride length.

As far as price is concerned, elliptical trainers often carry price tags that are a little bit larger than some other popular pieces of equipment. The 576i is an outstanding machine that will deliver a lifetime of intense and effective workouts, but you won’t be getting it for the $2,000.00 price tag that you can find some elliptical trainers for. If you’ve got a larger budget for your home gym, picking up this piece of equipment should be a no-brainer, but if your budget is a bit limited you might have to consider other models like the similar but older 546 model.

Precor has a long standing and well deserved reputation as a manufacturer of high quality elliptical trainers. They produce cutting edge, innovative and durable equipment that is easy to use and that helps users achieve their health and fitness goals. If you have the available space and the available funds to pick up the 576i Experience Elliptical you certainly won’t be disappointed in its appearance, functionality or performance.

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