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The Pros and Cons on Buying Used Commercial Exercise Equipment

So you are toying around, doing mad research in the quest to finding that new “family member” you know that one machine that makes you sweat buckets, makes you lose unwanted pounds and gets you into unbelievable shape?  Be It a Favorite Family Member or a quest to find that new torture Device, the good news is, it […]

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Why Buy Used Fitness Equipment?

Useful, used gym equipment   For many people, living a life is about prioritizing and compromising. There will always be necessities and then there will luxuries and no doubt, both these terms are very relative, not just to the situation that you are in but also because of the priorities that you base your life […]

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Used Gym Equipment From Reputed Re-Manufacturers Are Affordable And Worthwhile

Many of us would like to exercise on a daily basis but lack the motivation to join a gym and work our regularly. There may be many reasons for this and one of them is the costs involved. Hiring a trainer and working out in a gym can prove very expensive in certain areas. Instead […]

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Group Cycling With The LeMonds Bike

Most of us look for some way to exercise daily as we get little or no chance of doing this during the day when we concentrate on work. We are not able to go to the gym for different reasons. It could be the distance, the expense or lack of time. Thanks to advancements in […]

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Life Fitness 95T Inspire –tread your way to fitness

Life Fitness T Inspire –tread your way to fitness   Once you actually get down to it, fitness is can be very addictive. Though it is a very difficult proposition for many people to get in to a regular fitness routine due to the busy lifestyle that they lead, it is very important to stay fit […]

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Gym Pros Refurbishing Process (Precor 576i example)

Gym Pros professionally refurbishes using the best techs and most thorough process. In this example we will show you the steps we use to refurbish a Precor 576i. All our units go through a similar process. Stage 1: Complete dis-assembly of the unit. Unit is taken down to the frame for painting. Stage 2: Belts […]

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Product Review: Precor EFX 576i Experience Elliptical

There isn’t much doubt that a quality elliptical trainer can deliver an outstanding workout. The issue often lies in the user actually finding a top quality elliptical that fits in the space that they have available and in their budget. When considering an elliptical trainer you need to look beyond just the price. You also […]

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Product Review: Stairmaster 7000PT Stepmill

It is pretty difficult to find a more challenging and effective cardiovascular workout than climbing stairs. Walking or running up stairs will tax your legs, glutes and lungs while burning a tremendous amount of calories during each workout. Those of us who live in high rises where there have been elevator issues know just how […]

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