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used commercial treadmill

Getting in shape and losing weight are some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. As the year goes on, though, it’s easy to forget those goals. Until we realize how flabby we are, anyway.

Looking for a great way to keep your fitness on track throughout the entire year? Purchase your own exercise equipment is a great way to avoid any of the excuses that can come along with new years resolutions!

Before you rule the idea out because of cost, consider this—you can purchase used commercial exercise equipment.

What are the benefits of spending your money on a used commercial treadmill or another exercise machine? Keep reading to find out.

1. Commercial Means Quality

Commercial-grade exercise equipment is made to last. It has to be, or companies wouldn’t buy it.

Consider the machines you’ve seen at your local gym. How many people do you think each machine accommodates each hour? Each day?

We’ll make things easy and say it’s a lot. But they can take it because that’s what they’re designed to do.

That means buying used would get you a pretty beat-up treadmill though, doesn’t it? Surprisingly, no! Here’s why: gyms often upgrade to new equipment before their current machines are too worn down.

This is good news for you. Since these machines are replaced before they’ve been worn out, you can still get a great machine, even though it’s already been used a lot.

2. Lower Costs

Buying a new treadmill can really cost you a lot, especially if you’re looking at commercial-grade equipment. Many homeowners simply wouldn’t fork out that much cash to get fit.

But, when you buy used, the costs are lowered. This provides a major win-win situation. You get a high-quality machine that still runs great and helps you get fit, but you don’t have to pay for that level of quality.

A new treadmill could likely cost you thousands of dollars. How much less is a used one? You could get the same machine for only hundreds of dollars.

That’s a lot of savings. Those funds could be used for family time, buying healthier food, or purchasing books and movies for your entertainment while you walk or run indoors. You could even buy another piece of equipment so you can shake things up sometimes.

Definitely a win-win situation.

3. Maintenance Is Up to Date

Commercial fitness companies want to offer the best to their customers. That means they’ve got to keep their machines up and running.

Ongoing, regular maintenance is critical to keeping a machine at its best. So you can bet most institutions make sure this happens for their machines.

This fact makes buying used commercial equipment particularly appealing. Buying used from an individual doesn’t guarantee that the machine was treated well. But when you buy a machine that was used commercially, you can almost guarantee that it was.

4. Add Variety Without Breaking the Bank

While walking is great for your health, it isn’t going to meet all your fitness needs. It’s best to do a variety of exercises to make sure your entire body gets a workout on occasion.

When you buy used equipment, that leaves room for you to buy other pieces as well. Having a few ways to workout is great for your health, both physically and mentally.

Doing the same workout every day can get boring really quickly. Shaking things up will help keep you engaged.

And doing different exercises helps work out different areas of your body. So all around, having more than one type of equipment is a better option than only having one.

5. Get What You Want

If you’ve ever had a gym membership in the past, you’ve likely identified some machines that you like. That might mean you’re a fan of a specific brand or even a specific model.

Chances are, you won’t find these machines for cheap if you try to buy them. That is, unless you buy them used.

The machines found in gyms aren’t likely to be the same ones you see marketed to individuals. But if you search in used commercial machines, you may just find what you want.

Buying used allows you to get what you want for a fraction of the price. You won’t have to settle for something else when you already know what you love.

6. Take Advantage of Refurbishment

You can likely find a treadmill for a very discounted price if you shop your local classified ads. You may find one listed for $50 or even less. You likely won’t get the benefits already mentioned in this article, though, and the machine probably isn’t refurbished.

Refurbished machines have been used, but they’ve also been brought back up to a like-new condition. At Gym Pros, we refurbish and certify remanufacture all of our machines so you know you’re getting the best.

Are these used machines really as good as new? Yes!

The refurbishing and remanufacturing process includes every step that brings the machine up to par. This might include powder coating, replacing parts, or even sandblasting.

Get Your Used Commercial Treadmill Today

Are there benefits to buying a used commercial treadmill instead of a new one? Absolutely! You might be surprised just how hard it is to tell the difference.

Used commercial machines offer the same benefits you’ll find in a professional gym. You’ll get top of the line equipment, great functionality, and brand names you know—all at a much lower cost.

We’ve got machines that’ll help you start feeling your best. So what are you waiting for? Invest in a used commercial treadmill today!

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