Life Fitness T Inspire –tread your way to fitness

Once you actually get down to it, fitness is can be very addictive. Though it is a very difficult proposition for many people to get in to a regular fitness routine due to the busy lifestyle that they lead, it is very important to stay fit and healthy. Since a large percentage of people lead very sedentary lives, eat fast-food and have almost no exercise, lifestyle-related diseases are on the rise. Cardiovascular disease and obesity is a couple of them that are very common today. Keeping fit and being healthy is about giving your body the right dose of exercise in a regular fashion.

Though a lot of people make plans of going to the gym and working out, they lose steam very quickly. It is a definite effort to get to a gym. Sometimes it’s your schedules that throw things out of gear, sometimes it’s the weather while at other its pure laziness. The best way to navigate all these hurdles is to set up a small home gym. You can buy compact equipment, a set of weights, and you will be good to go. A treadmill such as the Life Fitness T Inspire can be a good addition to your home. It is equipped with the 7” Inspire console and has features similar to the ones found on commercial grade models.

It has a memory function with the GoSystem that records your preferences with running, walking and jogging speeds. There are various programs that you can choose from and it has the contact heart rate monitoring system called Lifepulse. It also has an accessory tray and a built in bottle rack. The manual, hill and random incline settings give you the freedom to pick your difficulty levels. Al in all, it is a machine that is worth every penny. You can add punch to your Life Fitness Inspire workout with hand weights; it helps in boosting the heart rate and tones your upper body muscles as you run.

Another good investment is the Lifefitness 9500. It is strong and sturdy treadmill that gives you the perfect cardiovascular workout while targeting your lower-body muscle groups. The lower body is the main force that drives this machine. The Life Fitness 9500 has a soft generous running surface that absorbs shock and provides comfort. The LED console is ergonomically designed and has a large screen. It has iPhone and iPad compatibility, is equipped with the LFconnect website that helps you create custom workouts. You can save all your personal settings and get feedback from the virtual trainer. The zoom function on the consol allows you a larger viewing area.

This powerful treadmill has a surprisingly small footprint, thus using up less floor space. It has an advanced belt-tracking system with a lubricant infused belt. The Lifespring shock absorbers ensure smooth cushioning right across the entire running surface and the smart stride sensor stops the belt when you step off the machine. The most used functions on the console are placed strategically within reach and the machine provides you with a great workout within your home.

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