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The Precor AMT 835 is a versatile piece of equipment that addresses a LOT of different fitness needs. The AMT or ‘Adaptive Motion Trainer’ combines a range of diverse workout movements into a single machine. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve your cardio fitness, or perform high-intensity interval training (HIIT), the AMT has it all. In this article, we review some of the key features of the Precor AMT 835 and who it might be right for…

precor amt 835 review

The AMT’s Different Movement Options

The AMT is designed to adapt to the user’s movement. Unlike other cardio machines that provide one fixed motion, this one is much more versatile. The most basic movement it offers is a climbing or stepping motion which activates the glutes and quads. The AMT 835 includes ‘OpenStride’ technology which means you have five different climbing depths to choose from.

By extending your stride a little further you can start to perform a walking motion. This activates additional muscles in the hamstrings to give you an effective lower body workout. You can also choose to use the moving handlebars which transforms the adaptive motion trainer into a total body workout that’s similar to an elliptical.

Extending your stride even further is where the real calorie-torching happens. The machine will adapt to your height and leg length, to create a personalized movement that mimics running. Since you can also adjust the stride length, depth, and resistance, you can tailor the motion towards your specific preferences. By cranking up the depth and lengthening your stride, you’ll experience a workout that feels like running through snow or sand.

It’s this wide variety of movement options that make the AMT so versatile. It’s like having a climber, elliptical, and treadmill combined into one machine! Plus you’ll never get bored of doing the same workout twice since there are so many movements to choose from.

Ideal for Calorie-Burning & Weight Loss

The AMT torches calories. Spending 60 minutes on an AMT can burn serious calories, on par with a treadmill, yet with a lower level of perceived exertion. This means you get the similar fitness results, yet it feels much easier!

If losing weight is your fitness goal, then the Precor AMT 835 is a great option. The varied stride lengths and resistance options mean you can start out slowly and then build up over time. If you’re new to fitness you can perform any of the stride motions on a low resistance, then slowly increase it as your endurance improves.

Minimal Joint Impact

Unlike pounding a treadmill, working out on the AMT creates minimal impact on bone joints. If you experience back, hip, or knee issues that make high-impact activities uncomfortable, then this is the machine for you.

It’s also useful for runners who are wary of pounding their joints too much but still want a serious workout. The long stride movements replicate running without the impact, so you can still push yourself and develop your aerobic fitness.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

This method of training is extremely popular at the moment, and something the AMT is uniquely suited to. The varied stride lengths and resistance levels mean you can do HIIT on the machine itself by switching between long strides and short strides.

You can also jump off really easily to perform strength exercises or calisthenics. Unlike a treadmill where you need to wait for the belt to slow down, the AMT stops when you do. This means you can easily perform press-ups, crunchies, or active recovery between intervals.  You can also check out our article on Stairmaster HIIT as well.

AMT 835 Specifications

The AMT 835 features an LED screen with six preset programs; interval, variety, performance, heart rate, weight loss, and manual. You get all the usual readouts you’d expect like distance, speed (in strides per minute), calories, and time. There are also more detailed readouts like watts, METS, and time in training zone if you have specific training requirements.

This model comes with OpenStride technology which has five different heights between 6.8 and 10 inches (17 to 25 cm). The stride length can vary from zero (where you’re climbing up and down) all the way to 36 inches (91 cm) which is the long stride running motion. We particularly like the stride dial display which shows you how long your stride movement is and whether you can push it a bit further (similar to a pendulum).

The stride height and resistance can be adjusted by simple motion controls. These are similar to levers which make them really easy to adjust mid-workout (as opposed to buttons which can be small and fiddly).

It’s a self-powered machine which makes it cheap to run since there’s no electricity needed. However, if you opt for the TV screen attachment then you will need to plug it into the wall as the power generated from working out isn’t enough to run that.

Precor AMT Workout

The AMT models all have great variety for changing up your routine so your results do not plateau.  Check out some of the other creative ways that you can mix up your routine (Spoiler: You wouldn’t think you would do a lot of these on a piece of cardio).

Precor AMT 835 Review – Overall Summary

The AMT is the most versatile pieces of commercial gym equipment we’ve come across. The fact it adapts to different user heights and fitness levels means it’ll suit a wide variety of people. If you’re undecided between a treadmill and an elliptical, then it may be a great way to combine the features of both.

It’s also the kind of machine that adapts as your fitness levels progress. This means that it’ll be just as challenging in a year or two as it will be on the day you buy it. This is one of the reasons we think it represents a good long-term investment. The fact it’s manufactured by a high-quality brand like Precor means you can also be confident in its durability and longevity.

If you’d like to learn more about the AMT 835 then give us a call or get in touch here. Our dedicated team are all fitness specialists and can advise you on whether it will meet your needs.  Feel free to comment on our Precor AMT 835 Review below!

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