Commercial Gym Equipment

Commercial Gym Equipment
Gym Pros has been in the fitness industry offering commercial gym equipment packages for over 2 decades. We have outfit several top of the line commercial facilities with our new and used gym equipment. There are several different levels to choose from depending on your facilities custom needs featuring the best brands in strength and cardio.

Commercial Fitness Equipment Service Levels

Call us today to make an inquiry on our inventory. We are getting new deals every week and have a more fluid inventory than what we show on our website. Our commercial gym equipment is available in a few different tiers:

  • Used Gym Equipment:This equipment has been used in a facility. Many times we are getting the equipment from a center where it has gotten limited use. Even if that is the case, any equipment that is shipped from our facility goes through a 38 point inspection first. From the motor of a treadmill to the grips and console, we ensure your equipment is serviced and delivered at the highest of standards. Used Gym Equipment packages are fluid in our inventory so call to see what is currently available.
  • Refurbished Gym Equipment:Similar to what you read above, refurbished commercial gym equipment has undergone a detailed process so that you are getting a like-new unit. When a used unit has been purchased, our team will go through the 38 point inspection to assess all parts of the unit, ensuring that they have a rating of 8 or above.
  • Brand New Gym Equipment: This really does not require much of an explanation. New is a very safe way to go and sometimes the only way you can do it. We have the ability to get almost any units completely brand new as well as offering Brands outside of the big names that deliver an amazing value.

Popular Commercial Gym Equipment

Gym Packages

Commercial Gym Packages

When looking for cardio and strength commercial fitness equipment, there are several choices to make. Do you want new or used, light commercial or commercial, Treadmills or Ellipticals, Precor or Life Fitness? Our cardio and strength series pack a serious punch where we have some of the best inventory the market has to offer. Brands like Stairmaster and Hammer Strength have relied on Gym Pros as a preferred retailer and wholesale distributor to deliver both high-end fitness equipment as well as great warranty and service agreements.

Our Commercial Fitness Equipment Packages can be brand specific or mix and matched due to the square footage of your facility. These gym packages can be catered to anyone from a 500 to 100,000 square feet of space! By purchasing in high quantity (and all from one place) you receive massive discounts on shipping as well as a per unit cost. We also offer international shipping and financing on gym packages whether you are ordering 3 or 100 units. Here are some specific brand examples for smaller facilities but as they scale, shipping costs will go down as will MSRP discounts.

Precor Gym Equipment Packages

commercial gym equipment packages from precor

If you are looking to outfit a center you can choose one of our designated packages such as that from Precor. The Precor Equipment Package Features their top-selling models of Treadmill, Elliptical and Adaptive Motion Trainers.

Precor is most well known for their innovative elliptical technology that made the running motion viable again to those that were forbidden by their doctors to ever think about the motion. They had such great success with the original Precor EFX 544 that they quickly branched out to several different variations of their product which then got into a more robust ramp as well as upper body motion to fully engage the core all with zero impact.

Die Hard Gym Aficionados love the Precor look and feel and there are fewer companies more trusted than Precor in the gym equipment industry.SHOP PRECOR NOW

Star Trac Commercial Gym Equipment Package

star trac commercial gym equipment

Star Trac Health & Fitness was formerly known as Flex Fitness and changed it’s name after being acquired by Star Trac UK Ltd. The company is based in Irvine, California and was founded in 1979.

Star Trac has a strikingly adapt name as the equipment truly does have a space aged look and feel. Most of the equipment has fans as well (built in ventilation) and these E-Series models have truly stood the test of time.

This commercial gym equipment pairs well with one of our functional trainers or plate loaded free-weight setups.


Life Fitness Gym Packages

life fitness commercial brands treadmill elliptical and moreIf you want some of the most coveted, strong and smooth appearing commercial fitness equipment available, look no further than one of these gym packages from Life Fitness. These are mixed and matched with their most popular treadmills, cross trainers (ellipticals) and exercise

Life Fitness has consistently been one of the most premium commercial gym equipment brands in the fitness industry. They revolutionized exercise with their LifeCycle Upright and Recumbent Commercial Bike 40+ Years ago.

Over the years, Life Fitness has consistently been one of the top three manufacturers for whatever product they were selling be-it Treadmills, Ellipticals, Etc. Life Fitness recently acquired Hammer Strength as well filling out the strength side of their fitness equipment packages. SHOP LIFE FITNESS NOW

Why Gym Pros for Commercial Gym Packages?

Our commercial gym equipment packages include top fitness brands like Precor, Life Fitness, Stair Master, BH Fitness, Matrix and Hammer Strength. We also offer specific gym packages for condominiums, hotels, and health clubs including fitness equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes and strengthh machines.  We provide a wide range of equipment and pride ourselves at having the best customer service in the United States.

Over the last 2 decades, we have built a large network and are well known in the industry for getting the best deals on our commercial gym equipment packages including both strength and cardio, passing the savings to our clients. When you buy in quantities of 5 units or greater, we are able to be even more aggressive and also save on shipping costs. Call our friendly staff today at 888-502-2348 for design assistance and getting the right gym package for your center.

Customer Reviews


As the owner of 4 fitness centers in the greater Orlando area, I’ve had a lot of options and worked with a lot of vendors to get my centers set up and up to date. I came across Gym Pros about 7 years ago and have been using them to set up my centers. I’ll occasionally call Roy just to check in on what new units he has available as our membership grows.

Tim Sivers

Five Stars is Not Enough Stars!

I purchased 4 units from Gym Pros – All great high-end commercial equipment from Precor & Life Fitness. Setting up my studio was not the strain that I hear other trainers complaining about. My setup is in Houston, TX and the equipment gets used about 5-6 hours a day on average. The equipment took about 3 weeks to arrive and I just used the standard LTL freight to get it here the fastest.

Terry McCann

The Best Gym Packages

We are one of the larger fitness franchises here in SoCal and did a large expansion in 2017 to include a spinning studio. I actually came across Gym Pros when I purchased a Precor Elliptical a few years back and the service and quality certainly stuck out in my mind. Luckily they are still doing what they do best and I got what I consider a smoking deal on my set of 20 bikes. We get nice comments from our clientele mentioning how they like our setup better than Soul Cycle which is a huge compliment AND we got such a great bulk discount we became much more profitable a lot faster. Huge Thank you guys!

Craig Beaty

A+ Service

I ordered 5 stepmills and 6 life fitness bikes from these guys out of necessity as our previous vendor was out of stock (and kept pushing us off). These guys delivered our equipment with a stellar turnaround. Great work on the refurbishing, all the electronics have still not needed service (4 months later) and if we need service they are responsive and helpful.

Ronnie Evans

Commercial Fitness Equipment Kings

I own 2 gyms and I trust these guys with all of my commercial gym equipment. This actually all started with a set of 5-50 dumbbells, a treadmill and a bike for my own personal training business 3 years ago. I’ve tried about 6 vendors total for various parts of the business (flooring, circuits, cardio, etc) and these guys stand out. They put together some great custom gym packages and I don’t have to spend all my time negotiating on the price. Thanks to Doug and Brie for always being responsive to my calls and emails, it makes a huge difference.

Stan Bennet

Life Long Client

When it comes to the big 5 commercial gym brands I don’t trust anyone else to get the job done right. Big thanks to you guys for doing what’s best for the customer always. After 7 orders (100 units) over the last 2 years, I can definitely be a reference and happy to talk to any other gym owner looking to get your high-end commercial gym equipment.

Tom Lombardi
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