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Precor 956i Experience Commercial Treadmill.Call Now For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

From: $1,895.00


Product Description

Precor 956i Experience treadmill is a durable model, equipped with Ground Effects technology for superior shock absorption and reducing impact on joints. The treadmill also incorporates Integrated Footplant system that makes the performance more responsive to the user’s gait and delivers a natural and more balanced running experience. The console provides 26 workout program options that include Gerkin Fitness Test, Heart Rate Control, Army PFT, and Federal Law Enforcement PEB. This treadmill has a comparatively larger LED display that provides more readouts including workout summary, remaining and elapsed time, target heart rate, METS, gain in elevation, calories burnt, and much more.

Features at a Glance:

  • AC induction 4 HP motor with IFT drive controller
  • Range of speed from 1 mph to 16 mph
  • Range of incline from 0 to 15% with 0.5% increments
  • 350 lbs maximum capacity of user weight
  • 20″ x 60″ running area
  • 26 workout programs
  • LED display supporting English, Romanized Russian, Italian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, and Dutch languages
  • Touch sensors and wireless telemetry for monitoring heart rate
  • Integrated reading rack and 12 inch viewing screen for entertainment


Precor 956i Experience vs. Precor 954I Experience Treadmill

Both models are powered by the same 4 HP motor but Precor 954I has capacity to withstand maximum user weight of 500 lbs compared to 350 lbs of 956i. However, the maximum speed is 12 mph in 956i, compared to 16 mph of 954I. Another major difference is the number of workout programs available in the two models. The Precor 954I provides only seven workout programs compared to 26 programs available on the 956i. The console also seems to display much more readouts on the 956i compared to the 954I. Both models are equipped with Ground Effects and Integrated Footplant systems, hence users can expect similar running experience.


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