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Life Fitness Treadmills

Getting regular exercise is a primary component in maintaining a healthy weight and improving cardiovascular health. The challenge for some people when it comes to exercise is finding a routine that they like and that they can stick to.  Life Fitness Treadmills provide a perfect solution for those looking to get an amazing commercial quality treadmill workout whether at home or in their home fitness studio.

Life Fitness treadmills have been around and in the gym equipment game for more than four decades and has maintained a very high-level product throughout their existence. This top caliber company began by producing the very first piece of electronic fitness equipment and has maintained their position as a manufacturer on the cutting edge of fitness technology ever since. If you want a piece of equipment that is both built to last and built to improve your workout experience, a Life Fitness Treadmill should be at the top of your wish list.

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Walking is a great option for most – it is a relatively low impact, weight-bearing exercise that effectively burns calories and increases the heart rate. Some form of weight-bearing exercise is essential to help the bone density loss that commonly occurs with aging. Walking is also an exercise with absolutely no learning curve; it is a movement that is easily accessible to anyone who is looking to lose weight or improve fitness.

Walking is also infinitely scalable for each individual’s current fitness level. You can increase the pace and intensity as your fitness levels improve in order to burn more calories. The primary disadvantage of running, jogging or walking is the fact that you are subject to the elements when you do it outdoors. This can be completely negated by performing your walking or running workouts on a treadmill. Working out on a treadmill is a fantastic way to burn calories, drop excess pounds, build muscle throughout the lower body and improve general fitness.

Features and Function of a Life Fitness Treadmill

Treadmills come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges – each offering different options that can help you customize your results to achieve the best possible results. When selecting a treadmill for your home it might be tempting to go with the cheapest option available but that isn’t necessarily the best option. You need to take a look a treadmill from a top quality manufacturer like Life Fitness that produces durable and versatile machines and that is known to stand behind their equipment.

You can find a great Life Fitness Treadmill for less than $3000.00 that will feature a wide variety of options that allow you to tailor a workout to your specific needs and that will grow with you as your fitness improves. The 9500HRT95Ti95Teand 97Ti are all commercial quality machines that come at very reasonable prices. These Life Fitness Treadmills are built to stand up to everyday use and will last a lifetime even with your entire family walking or running on it.

When it comes to specific features even the lowest price point Life Fitness Treadmill, the 9500HRT, feature multiple pre-programmed workouts; a very accurate heart rate monitor and a wide, comfortable deck that works well for walking or running.

As you move up in price to models like the 95Ti and 95Te you have access to addition workout programs and a much wider array of interactive features (the 95Ti features an optional attachable LCD screen and the 95Te comes standard with an easy to use touch screen TV for the ultimate in interactive workouts). These machines cost a little more but are worth every penny for those who want easy monitoring, amazing interactivity and a huge array of options to improve the workout experience.

Those who want an elite level workout experience can opt for the 95T Inspire or the 95T Engage models. These Life Fitness Treadmills offer up customized workouts at the touch of a button with the full scope of workout details easily visible throughout your workout – a simple glance at the large and easy to read screen will tell you how you are performing and whether or not you need to adjust your speed or intensity to get to where you need to be. In addition to complete, comprehensive and easy to use electronics both of these machines also feature state of the art, large, shock absorbing decks to allow the user to walk, jog or run at any pace in comfort.

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