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One of the most important elements in setting up your new fitness facility is the design and layout to ensure that your gym is both functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.  Thus, one of the most important things to consider is the gym design because it is very evident that a lot of people want to feel connected to themselves as well as the environment where they are “getting it done.”  This surprisingly adds up more than you would think to the overall impact of the gym or fitness center.

Many gyms today have been forced to step up their game from the classic “warehouse feel” circa 1980’s Gold’s Gym to a much more modern feel that meshes well with their target customers psychographic profile.  An effective and satisfying gym design plan should always be applied to boost the gym’s appeal towards your target demographic. Here are the 5 general impacts that great design can contribute to a gym’s success and why it matters:

  1. Good Gym Design Creates Great Atmosphere

According to a market research, a person’s psychological well-being is greatly related to the environmental factors which include colors, ventilation and relaxing appeal that provides a significant impact. It is also pointed out that a good atmosphere can boost the business’s appeal making it more productive and of course that may lead to a greater range of prosperity via memberships and word of mouth advertising.

Additionally, a good gym design can contribute to the member’s comfort and confidence in engaging in physical activities. Since we are dealing with body engagements, it is also important to build a gym that will complement the physical needs of the members which include appropriate ventilation, maximized space, suitable temperature and relaxing appeal.

Providing a good atmosphere is a fundamental factor in having a gym business. It is due to the fact that a gym business serves as a home for gym goers who want to alter their habits and develop a healthy lifestyle. Aside from that, a gym should also be spacious.   It’s important to have moderate space between each piece as people will obviously not be comfortable working out in a cramped gym.

A gym business becomes productive due to the existence of gym goers. This means that maintaining a good business condition for members, incorporated with the consistent maintenance is essential for every gym.

gym design 1 hotel gym

gym design 2

gym design 2

  1. Provides Impact Towards Potential Gym Members

Great gym design can be a major differentiating factor between you and others that are in this space.  Obviously, those looking at a gym are worried about appearance and you want your gym to set the best first impression on your facility as a whole as well as the results that it will drive. The right blueprint for your gym design is crucial in getting that great first impression and closing new business to fuel growth.

However, if a gym has not yet invested or developed a good design, then now must be the right time to call the best gym designers to intervene. Also, you do not need to worry about seeking designers for there are a lot of them who can offer project-based services. The challenge is on finding the best and most dedicated gym designer for the gym.  You will want to map out your design via CAD layout and can use services like icovia to setup your gym ploor plan design:

gym floor plan 1

gym floor plan 2

  1. Builds a Trustworthy Appeal

A developed and strong physical design appeal will enable a gym to build the trust with their members and potential clients. This provides a perspective of being detail-oriented which is a strong sign of a good business establishment. Being trustworthy can also be judged through the business deals and strategies that are being exemplified by the business.  Commercial Gym Equipment should be grouped by models and brands.  You don’t need to have all precor equipment but best practices would be to have all precor ellpiticals and life fitness treadmills as opposed to a sporadic mix of everything.

A good commercial gym design can help the business gain people’s trust. For instance, if we will relate it to the food business, once a restaurant is known for having a good interior design, amazing ambiance and clean surrounding. Then, more people will come and trust them. Customer’s trust is not just earned by the owner’s or front desk officer’s attitude, but also by the great atmosphere of a gym.

gym design 5

gym design 6

gym design 7

  1. Promotes Collaboration and Innovation

Achieving the goal of having the best gym interior design needs collaboration and innovation with a pleasant decor. This means that along the process of having a good design for gym, there’s a great need for transaction and sharing of ideas that may uphold collaboration among the staff of the gym, which is a big factor to consider.  Do you have an awesome check in experience or a space for members to hang out before or after a workout?

There is a particular balance that is required when designing a gym’s decor. Too busy and bold will make your gym feel small and crowded. Too clean and neutral will make your gym look boring and lifeless.

We utilize subtle design techniques to bring your gym to life, without overcrowding it. We take into consideration equipment position and the nature of each zone when designing gyms. Different zones evoke different atmospheres; therefore the decor of each zone should reflect that atmosphere while keeping continuity throughout your gym.

gym lobby design 1

gym lobby design 2

gym lobby design 3


  1. Upholds Visionary Perspective

Visionary perspective is a person’s long-term and strong vision in the future. Conceptualizing the designs for gyms significantly needs creativity. When a gym invests to great designs, this opens up a long-term goal. It is because renovation and building great designs will require money which needs a big risk and sacrifice.

However, one must always remember that great prosperity comes into those who are risk takers. Also, successful business owners are risk takers, so think of it on a positive note.  Any way that you can increase your conversion rate is well worth the initial costs in the long run.

Investing into a great gym design draws an individual to a visionary perspective because investing money at present is beneficial to attract members in the future. Gym business owners must think of their decision’s impact towards their business. Also, rational thinking accompanied with strategic mindset must always be applied when setting up your facility.

There is a lot of impact that a good gym design can have period.   Investing the time and energy in your Commercial gym designs will definitely promote the advancement of the gym’s overall status and help the business achieve continuous growth and success.

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