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Used Gym Equipment Huntington Beach

If you’re searching for used gym equipment in Huntington Beach, then Gym Pros should be your first port of call. We’re specialists in used and reconditioned fitness equipment so are sure to have the kit that meets your needs. Whether you’re looking for ellipticals, treadmills, or plate loaded machines in the Huntington Beach CA area, we can help.

Our extensive gym equipment range includes products for home or commercial use. You’ll find cardio equipment, strength machines, and functional training units to support every kind of fitness goal. If you’re creating a home gym, then we can advise you on the best set-up for your space. For gym owners and health club operators, we can recommend the ideal mix of products to meet your business and member needs. Whatever you’re looking for, we offer the widest selection of used gym equipment in Huntington Beach.

You’ll find our corporate headquarters located in Orange County. We’re based less than 10 minutes from Huntington Harbor, Sunset Beach, and the stunning Pacific Coast Highway. Our convenient location in Southern California means we’re well-positioned to support customers from across the area. We’re the go-to supplier for used gym equipment in Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Santa Ana, and Anaheim. You can get to us in just 30-minutes to take a look at our used equipment stock or set up a meeting for some impartial advice. Check out some of our models below:

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  • Stairmaster Commercial Stepmill 5 REMANUFACTURED. Call 888-502-2348 For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

    Standard Price
    Sale Price: $3695.00

  • Precor RBK 885 Recumbent Bike w/ P80 Console. Call 888-502-2348 For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

    Standard Price
    Sale Price: $2395.00

  • Precor EFX 835 Commercial Elliptical Crosstrainer w/ P30 Console. Call 888-502-2348 For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

    Standard Price
    Sale Price: $3195.00

  • Sale!

    Matrix T7xi Treadmill (Remanufactured) Call Now For Lowest Pricing!

    Standard Price Sale Price: $3,299.00

  • lifefitness Discover SI Treadmill-2

    Life Fitness Elevation Discover SI Remanufactured Commercial Treadmill. Call 888-502-2348 For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

    Standard Price
    Sale Price: $2695.00

  • Life Fitness 95R EngageCommercial Recumbent Bike. .Call Now For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

    Standard Price
    Sale Price: $2199.00

  • Life Fitness 95Ti Commercial Treadmill. Call 888-502-2348 For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

    Standard Price
    Sale Price: $2895.00

  • Life Fitness 95Ti Commercial Treadmill. Call 888-502-2348 For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed! (Copy)

    Standard Price $2,795.00

  • Precor AMT 835 Commercial Adaptive Motion Trainer Open Stride. Call 888-502-2348 For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

    Standard Price
    Sale Price: $2695.00

  • Life Fitness CLSX Integrity Series Commercial cross Trainer . Call Now For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

    Standard Price
    Sale Price: $1995.00

  • Cybex 750AT Commercial Remanufactured Arc Trainer .Call Now For Lowest Pricing Guaranteed!

    Standard Price
    Sale Price: $2789.00

  • Star Trac NXT Remanufactured Indoor Cycle . Call Now For Todays Low Sale Price!

    Standard Price
    Sale Price: $1195.00

Used Equipment For The Home

Creating a home gym is a fantastic way to build exercise into your daily routine. Having fitness equipment in the next room means there are no barriers to working out regularly. Even if you lack the time and motivation, it’s often much easier to squeeze in a short workout at home rather than driving to a gym facility. Home gym equipment will be the best investment that you ever make because it directly benefits your health and wellness.

But what type of fitness equipment is right for your home? There are lots of factors that play into making the best choice such as space, health goals, and budget. Our expert team will be happy to make recommendations based on your specific needs. They can advise you on the equipment with the smallest footprint (such as folding treadmills), greatest calorie-burning capacity, or injury recovery benefits. Opting for used fitness equipment is also more cost-effective than buying products brand new so you’ll have plenty of options within your budget.

Pre-Owned Commercial Equipment

Choosing pre-owned equipment is also a cost-efficient option for gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs. You can get commercial grade used fitness products from premium brands at a fraction of the price that they would have cost new. This includes used gym equipment from Life Fitness, Precor, Star Trac, and Horizon. Because you’re buying from a certified reseller, you can be confident in the durability of our used machines.

Our technicians attend regular service training and are always up-to-date with the latest products. They assess every piece of kit we stock to confirm it meets our strict quality criteria for used equipment. This ensures that we offer the best used gym equipment in Huntington Beach. Just because it’s been pre-owned, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice durability. So, whether you’re looking to add a few more recumbent bikes or replace your entire cardio floor, we’ve got the perfect products.

Our Extensive Distribution Network

Gym Pros started out selling used gym equipment in Huntington Beach and this will always be our home base. But over the years we’ve extended our distribution network across the USA and internationally too. Even if you’re not based in California, we can still help you to purchase high-quality fitness equipment for your home or commercial facility. No matter where you’re located, we will be able to deliver and install gym products for you.

Our team is committed to providing the same level of care and attention to every single one of our customers. It doesn’t matter if you want to buy a few sports massage accessories or kit out an entire health club with the latest CT technology, you’ll receive the same high level of service. We value each and every one of our customers and pride ourselves on going the extra mile.

One of the challenges of buying used gym equipment is finding the right availability. Because it’s not manufactured to order, it can sometimes be hard to find the ideal model at the best price. Sometimes you’re relying on pure luck that your local dealer will happen to have the perfect product at the time you want it. But by working with a large-scale supplier like us, you can remove this uncertainty from the equation.

We stock a huge range of used and reconditioned cardio and strength products so are far more likely to have what you’re looking for. This includes elliptical crosstrainers,  treadmills, Arc Trainers, indoor cycling bikes, and resistance training equipment from Hammer Strength, Star Trac, Cybex, and Precor. Equipment is constantly coming in and out of our doors, so we’re also able to give you first choice of newly available machines. If your local dealer doesn’t have the particular model or series that you’re after, then we probably do. And because of our extensive network, we can deliver it to your door wherever you are located.

Why Choose Gym Pros?

We’ve been selling used gym equipment in Huntington Beach since 2003 and working in the industry for a long time before that. Our team has extensive knowledge of both home and commercial exercise equipment, which means they can help you pick the perfect product for your fitness needs. If you’re building a home gym, then they can suggest appropriate machines to support balanced, full-body workouts. They also understand the business aspects of running a gym, so can advise owners and operators on the ideal mix of commercial gym equipment.

Gym Pros is dedicated to your complete satisfaction and has over 80 years of combined sales and service experience in the fitness equipment supply business. Unlike most other used gym equipment companies, we aren’t product brokers. We are a fully-fledged and established refurbishing business that manages the entire process under one roof. Equipment is tested and examined down to the last detail by our Certified Trained Technicians for that particular brand of choice.

We’re proud to have been awarded a solid A rating for exceptional customer service by the Better Business Bureau. This is the highest standard ranking award that is offered so we’re delighted to have won it consistently year after year. By choosing Gym Pros you cut out the middle man (quite literally) which saves you money and hassle. It enables us to take the full responsibility of fulfilling and completing your order without any third-parties involved. We are an in-house start to finish operation, so customers can be assured that we have complete control over every single order that’s placed.

If you’re looking for used gym equipment in Huntington Beach, then we’d love to hear from you. We store many of our products in our Orange County facility so you’re welcome to pop by and take a look. For driving directions from the Pacific Coast Highway or Interstate 405, click here. You can also contact us via this page to arrange a meeting with one of our friendly team. They have a wealth of fitness equipment knowledge and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Call, email, or visit us in person to get more information.

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